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Network Travel

A system of group tours and expeditions within a single community to different parts of the world. You will be able to realize all your dreams and visit places that you did not even know about! This system will assist you with visas, guides, necessary equipment and much much more! It already have 27 unique routes with a length of 97,000 kilometers and 6480 hours networking on expeditions with the best of the best avaiting their 200+M people potential audience!


Telegrated is an experienced online broadcaster​-9 Years of experience in online broadcasting! Project is subdivided into broadcast studio and online platform that provides chats, donations, p2p communication tool etc. Zoom’s Triple-Digit Growth shows the potential of this industry.​ It went from an “also-ran” to now be worth more than USD130B​ and Mobile app have skyrocketed 728% since early 2020. Estimated Telegrated growth - $ 10 million in 5 years.

Magic Lotto

Magic Lotto is an entertainment platform for playing the lottery, which works on the basis of blockchain technology and provides a system of unlimited scaling. Magic Lotto provide you such advantages as fair play, player anonymity, scalable system and much much more! As of April 2020, 4.57 billion users were active on the Internet. Considering that the average user has more than one gadget, we see a global online space for development. Estimating the dynamics of the industry's growth, experts predict that by 2025 the volume of theglobal lottery market will exceed $ 400 billion and will continue to grow in the long term.

Qubit gold

Colombian gold mining company, located near one of the most important veins of Gran Colombia Gold,mine el Silencio. We have the backing and support of Gran Colombia Gold, a high-end gold producer.This company owns approximately 58% of Caldas Gold Corp, a Canadian mining company that is currently promoting significant expansion and modernization of underground mining operations in Colombia to generate strong cash flows in the short, medium and long term. Gold can be easily converted into cash anywhere in the world, providing high liquidity for this project.


Qchain is a next-generation blockchain network where you can conduct transactions with the lowest fees in the cryptocurrency industry and within the blockchain ecosystem and on strategic partners' websites. We expand the interaction of cryptocurrency and classical economies, provide an opportunity for merchants and customers to usecryptocurrency to their advantage and make access to goods and services purchased for cryptocurrency convenient for the customers. Initial price of 1 QDT = 0.01 USDT. After the sale of 1% of tokens, the price will be X + 10%

How Does PitchCamp Acceleration Work?


Projects make themselves known to us via a standardized, easy process


We choose which Projects we want to Accelerate based on their key metrics


We present market-ready Projects to the world and help them to thrive


We pour resources and energy into the Projects to get them ready for Customers

How To Qualify For PitchCamp Accelerator?


Give us the highlights of what makes your startup special, among other projects


Provide an in-depth analysis of what factors will make your project a success


Put your project in action, and show us how you think it will benefit people

What Do Accepted Startups Get?


We provide mentoring support at all stages of a startup's development.

Access to Finance

We fine-tune startups for the highest chances of success with investors


We help startups to work with the customer base and set up sales

PitchCamp Accelerator Program

Do you have a high-potential project that needs new ideas, customers and finance? Apply to our PitchCamp Accelerator program, where you will experience an unforgettable time with Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Investors, and Startup Educators all brought together to accomplish one thing - Make your project happen!